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What is the Rabbit?
The Rabbit is a microcontroller created by Rabbit Semiconductors and is complete with a fully integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet controller. The board is relativly cheap and has up to 52 I/O ports to control external devices such as MP3 chips, LCDs, and much more. The Rabbit also has up to 512K of program space and up to 256K of data memory. The Rabbit is also very fast running at up to 44.2 MHz. The Rabbit development board comes complete with a C compiler and a TCP/IP stack.

Why do we need the Rabbit Code Library?
The Rabbit Code Library builds off the already large library that comes with the Rabbit C compiler to provide the aditional features needed by users of the Rabbit. The library is open source so that it can grow and improve with the collective knowledge of the users of the library.

How can I contribute?
Contributing is easy because there are many ways you can help. If you have ideas or you find bugs you can visit The Rabbit Code Library at SourceForge.net or e-mail me at josephferner@cox.net. If you have questions about the rabbit you can join the Rabbit mailing list.

Where can I download the Rabbit Code Library?
You can download the latest release of the Rabbit Code Library at The Rabbit Code Library at SourceForge.net. If you would like the latest development code you can browse the CVS Tree.